Nancy's Doll Creations - Where the love is sewn right in!
Three Red and Black Outfits
Red tunic sweater with belt and animal print leggings, black and white skirt and jacket with red top and red top, zebra print skirt black leggings and a bow for her hair
Price: $30.00
Two Skirt Sets and a Jumper
Coral top with peplum and yellow skirt, navy jumper with pink and gray stripe top, and white blouse with pretty collar and denim skirt
Price: $28.00
Sports Equipment plus Two Outfits
Red jogging outfit with visor and white sneakers, soccer jersey and black shorts and hot pink cleats plus balls, sticks, and pad
for lots of fun
Price: $28.00
3 Red, White, and Blue Outfits
Shorts, top and sailor hat trimmed with stars,bathing suit with matching cap, and jeggings
with a star print top
Price: $25.00
2 Purple Dresses and a Skirt andJacket
Lavender jumper with striped top, jacket, skirt and leggings and purple dress with full skirt
Price: $25.00
3 Pink and Black Outfits
Circle print dress with black bow,
black top with pink lace trim and black leggings with sequin trim, and pink tulle skirt, white tank top and silver sequin jacket
Price: $25.00
3 Purple Outfits For 18 Inch Doll
Three purple outfits to mix and match
Price: $25.00
THree 15 Inch Boy Outfits
The first is a snowflake design sweater with navy blue pants; second is a navy blue sweater with flag and light blue jeans; third is black pants, a white shirt a plaid vest and maroon bow tie
Price: $28.00
Three 15 Inch Pajama Sets
The first set is Ninja flannel top and red pants; the second is a snowman print top with red pant;
the third is a football logo print set which fastens with velcro and has button trim
Price: $25.00
Three 18 Inch Southwestern Doll Outfits
Long orange and black print cotton dress comes with pleather shoulder bag, green print skirt comes with short sleeve white blouse and pink shoulder bag, and third is a tan dress with striped belt and bag
Price: $25.00
Three Native American Outfits
One out fit has tan suede skirt and vest with lavender blouse, another has tan suede skirt and vest with green blouse and the third outfit has tan suede skirt and vest with orange vest
Price: $28.00
Cotton Dress, Skirt and Vest, and Skirt and Blouse
Pink and lavender sun dress with matching hand bag, purple skirt, pink top with purple print vest that ties and lavender leggings, and denim skirt with white blouse
Price: $25.00
Raincoat, Dress and Pant Set
White raincoat with black and white check lining and embroidered flowers, nay and red dress with embroidered flowers and red and white pant set with ruffles
Price: $30.00

Four outfits for back to school. 
Each one contains four pieces which can be interchanged. 
The special price for these four outfits is $45.00 for a limited time only. Dolls are not included.

Shipping for this package of four outfits is $10,00
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