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18 Inch Moccasins
Suede moccasins have white interior and white laces
Price: $6.00
available in light pink, tan, lime green or fuchsia:
18 Inch Animal Print Boots
Animal print boots in tan and black fasten with vecro
Price: $6.00
18 Inch Sequin Sneakers
Sequin sneakers have rubber soles and white laces
Price: $5.00
Hot pink, purple, silver or light pink:
Also fit 15 inch doll:
18 Inch Pink Moccasin
Pink leather moccasin has ribbed sole and strap across toe
Price: $5.00
Also comes in purple patent leather:
18 Inch Ballet Shoes
Pink satin ballet shoes have ribbons that crisscross and tie
Price: $5.00
15 Inch Doll Boots
Pink suede boots are lined with sherpa, have a soft sole and fasten with velcro. Tops may be folded down to make a low boot.
Price: $6.00
Also come in brown or purple:
18 Inch Black Jeweled Toe Ballet Shoe
Black satiny ballet shoe has large jewel on toe
Price: $5.00
Also in berry,light pink or turquoise:
18 Inch Fur Doll Boots
White fur boots have side zipper
Price: $6.00
Also comes in pink or aqua:
18 Inch Brown Suede Doll Boot
Brown suede boots have white sherpa lining and a side zipper. Top may be turned down to form a cuff.
Price: $6.00
Also comes in pink or purple, green or tan:
18 Inch Doll Crocs with Fur Trim
Purple vinyl croc has white fur around top
Price: $5.00
Also fits 15 inch doll:
Also comes in pink vinyl with white fur:
18 Inch Doll sneaker
Red canvas sneaker has white soles with black trim
Price: $5.00
Also in pink, khaki, purple, blue, navy, black, white or hot pink:
Also in 15 inch doll size:
18 Inch High-top Sneakers
Black high-top canvas sneakers have red trim and white laces
Price: $5.00
Also comes in pink with lavender trim:
18 Inch Doll Crocs
Green vinyl crocs have a strap in back
Price: $5.00
Aso comes in white, yellow,, teal, lt. blue, purple or hot pink:
Also fits 15 inch baby doll:
18 Inch Doll Ballerina Polliwog
Purple vinyl shoe with pink strap and jeweled flower decoration
Price: $5.00
Also in pink and white or white and pink:
Also fits 15 inch baby doll:
18 Inch Cowgirl Boots
White leather cowgirl boots with fringe at top.
Price: $6.00
18 Inch Leather Boots
Brown pleather boots have side zipper and black sole
Price: $6.00
Also comes in black:
18 Inch Doll Sneaker
Navy and white sneaker with white laces
Price: $5.00
Also comes in black, pink, white,red, khaki, or hot pink:
Also in 15 inch doll size:
18 Inch Doll Skates
White leather skates
Price: $7.00
Also come in pink:
18 Inch Doll Soccer Shoe
Black and white soccer shoe with cleats
Price: $7.00
18 Inch Velvet Doll Shoe
Red velvet slip-on with red and gold bow
Price: $5.00
Also in black with black and gold bow:
18 Inch Doll Shoe
Silver patent leather slip-on shoe with silver bow
Price: $5.00
Also comes in pink, white, black, red, purple metallic, pink metallic or gold:
18 Inch Doll Shoe
Black patent leather dress shoe with ankle strap and rose decoration
Price: $5.00
Also comes in pink, white, cream, blue or gold:
15 Inch Doll Shoe
Lavender leather ballet style shoe with elastic strap
Price: $5.00
Also comes in white, pink, or light blue:
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