Nancy's Doll Creations - Where the love is sewn right in!
18 Inch Purple Coat with White Hat
Purple velvet coat with large collar is trimmed with fur and comes with white fur hat
Price: $18.00
18 Inch Fuschia Coat and Hat
Fuschia hat and coat are a soft fur with a pink satin lining
Price: $18.00
18 Inch Doll Red Coat
Red quilted coat has red cotton lining and black buttons
Price: $12.00
18 Inch Red Velvet Coat
Red velvet coat with velvet covered buttons and animal print trim
Price: $16.00
18 Inch Black Wool Coat
Black wool coat with satin buttons comes with Dalmation print fur hat and white scarf
Price: $20.00
18 Inch Pink Jean Jacket and Skirt
Pink jean jacket comes with green top and multi-print cotton skirt
Price: $16.00
18 Inch Pink Pea Coat and Embroidered Jeans
Pink double breasted pea coat in fleece comes with embroidered jeans
Price: $18.00
18 Inch White Hooded Raincoat
White hooded raincoat has black and white check lining and embroidered flowers
Price: $18.00
18 Inch Doll Hooded Raincoat
Yellow hooded raincoat has pastel plaid lining and yellow boots with buckles
Price: $22.00
15 Inch Leopard Fur Coat and Hat
Leopard fur coat and hat are trimmed with black fur and lined
Price: $18.00
18 Inch Short Red Coat
Red wool coat comes with red gloves trimmed with black fur and a black fur purse
Price: $16.00
18 Inch Black Coat and Hat with red Flower
Black wool coat with satin buttons comes with Dalmation fur hat with red flower
Price: $18.00
18 Inch Dark Red Coat and Hat
Dark red coat has white collar and trim and hat has white pom-pom
Price: $18.00
18 Inch Coats and Hats
Two lined winter coats. One is red with animal print fur trim and matching hat and the other is animal print fur with black velvet trim and matching hat.
Price: $28.00
18 Inch Pink and Silver Jacket and Jeans
Pink and silver jacket has stand up collar and full zipper and comes with embroidered jeanas
Price: $18.00
18 Inch Red Wool Coat and Hat
Red wool coat is trimmed with black velvet and includes matching hat and shoulder bag
Price: $25.00
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