Nancy's Doll Creations - Where the love is sewn right in!
Doll Bed
White wooden doll bed decorated with flowers fits 18" doll and comes with pink bedding
Price: $35.00
Doll Clothes Rack
Pink and green clothes rack comes with three wooden hangers and has a space for storage
Price: $35.00
Doll Wooden Kitchen
Wooden kitchen in pink and white has two top shelves, hooks and utensils tea pot and pans sink, stove and storage
Price: $75.00
Doll Armoire
White wooden armoire comes with a rod and three wooden hangers plus a drawer in the bottom (clothes sold separately)
Price: $55.00
18 Inch Beauty Salon Chair
Pink and purple salon chair has pink padded seat and back, a foot rest that moves up and down and a foot pedal that moves up and down
Price: $35.00
18 Inch Wheelchair
Pink and gray folding wheelchair comes with white leg cast, pink arm cast, gray crutches, and a white bandage
Price: $45.00
Hot Pink Backpack
Hot pink nylon backpack has a zipper closure and black straps
Price: $5.00
!5Inch or 18 Inch Doll Beach Towel and Float
Soft chenille towel with embroidery comes with a red and white float or life preserver
Price: $8.00
18 Inch Doll Scooter
Blue, pink, and white scooter comes with a matching helmet
Price: $20.00
Silver-Rimmed Glasses for Doll
Silver -rimmed glasses have black tips on the ear pieces
Price: $3.50
Also come in gold rims:
Will fit 18 inch or 15 inch doll:
Pink Sunglasses for Doll
Pink sunglasses have black ends on the ear pieces.
Price: $3.50
Enter Option Name:
Will fit 18 inch or 15 inch doll:
18 Inch Doll - Catherine
Vinyl doll with cloth body and brown hair, has go-to-sleep eyes and moveable arms and legs. She comes with a pink and blue plaid skirt, white top, trimmed with plaid and plaid loafers.
Price: $50.00
18 Inch Doll - Sophia
Vinyl doll has soft body, go to sleep eyes,blonde hair, and moveable arms and legs. Price includes white top with zebraand flower, tiered pink skirt and black shoes with a jewel decoration.
Price: $50.00
18 Inch Doll Sport Bra
Hot pink knit sport bra
Price: $3.50
Also comes in white:
Hot Pink Doll Knee Socks
Hot pink knee socks will fit 15 inch or 18 inch dolls
Price: $2.25
Also come in navy, light pink or white:
Patterned Doll Socks
Long ivory socks are patterned.
Price: $2.25
Also comes in white.:
A cute sock for the baby doll, too.:
18 Inch Doll Socks
Long, black knit socks
Price: $2.25
18 or 15 Inch Doll Socks
White ankle socks with lace on tops.
Price: $2.25
18 Inch Doll Socks
Hot pink cotton socks
Price: $2.25
Also in red, white, black, gray, lt. pink, purple,khaki, or yellow:
We carry socks and underwear, purses, hats, and even toys for your dolls.
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