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18 Inch Embroidered Jeans and White Blouse
White blouse has high low ruffled hem and is matched with embroidered jeans
Price: $15.00
18 Inch White Sweater, Jeans and Hand Bag
White cable sweater comes with embroidered jeans and matching hand bag
Price: $15.00
18 Inch Jeans and Peach Top
Marled peach top comes with jeans
Price: $10.00
18 Inch Red Top and Black Leggings
Red top is edged with lace and comes with black leggings
Price: $15.00
18 Inch Pink Sweater and Print Jeans
Pink cable sweater has front zipper and flower decoration and is matched with flower print jeans
Price: $15.00
18 Inch Pink Top and leggings
Pink cotton tunic length top is trimmed with pompoms and comes with black leggings
Price: $16.00
18 Inch Red Sweater and Leopard Leggings
Red sweater with cowl neck comes with leopard print leggings and a tie belt
Price: $16.00
18 Inch Pink Ttop and Flower Pants
Pink knit top with multi-colored appliques is paired with flower print pants
Price: $12.00
18 Inch Jeans, Chambray Shirt, and Bandana
Navy blue jeans come with a blue chambray shirt with pearl buttons and a red bandana
Price: $15.00
18 Inch Cargo Pants and Pink Top
Tan cargo pants with pockets and zippers come with a pink print top appliqued with purple hearts
Price: $14.00
18 Inch Pink Jacket, Black Tank and Plaid Pants
Pink satin jacket with pink lady embroidered on back comes with a black tank top and plaid pants
Price: $16.00
18 inch Jeans and Shirt with Owl Applique
Denim jeans with embroidered flowers is matched with a white shirt with appliqued felt owl
Price: $12.00
18 Inch Blue Shirt and Tan Cargo Pants
Blue short-sleeved top with owl applique comes with tan cargo pants with pockets and side zippers on the legs
Price: $15.00
18 Inch Denim Jacket and Jeans
Denim jacket with burberry trim comes with matching shoulder bag, pink jeans and tan mocassins
Price: $20.00
18 Inch Pink Cardigan Sweater and Flowered Jeans
Pink sweater has full frontzipper and flower applique and comes with flower print jeans
Price: $15.00
18 Inch Jean Jacket and Corduroys
Jean jacket with purple applique and purple tank top are matched with printed corduroy pants
Price: $16.00
18 Inch Pink Top, Vest and Jeans
Deep pink top is matched with light pink vest trimmed with fur and embroidered jeans
Price: $18.00
18 Inch Marled Sweat Set
Marled peach knit sweat set with heart trim
Price: $12.00
18 Inch Soccer Uniform
Navy blue shorts and a star print shirt plus a bow for her hair
Price: $15.00
18 Inch Bright Green Shirt and Print Pants
Bright green shirt with applique comes with capri pants in a pastel print
Price: $10.00
18 Inch Rose Silk Top and Satin Pants
Rose print silk top with black trim comes with black satin pants and matching hair clip
Price: $14.00
18 Inch Pink Tank and Jeans
Pink tank top has beaded applique and is matched with embroidered jeans
Price: $12.00
18 Inch Red Cinched Shirt and Denim Shorts
Red cinched front shirt with bow comes with denim rolled cuff shorts with heart applique
Price: $12.00

18 Inch Blue Tank and Peace Pants
Blue tank with heart applique comes with purple pants with peace signs
Price: $10.00
18 Inch Pink Lady Jacket, Shorts and Leggings
Pink satin jacket with Pink Lady written on back comes with striped shorts and pink leggings
Price: $16.00
18 Inch Mauve Shirt and Jeans
Mauve and white plaid cotton shirt comes with dark blue jeans
Price: $12.00
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