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18 Inch New England Patriots Outfit
Blue jacket with full zipper has red, white and blue heart applique on front and an official Patriot's logo appliqued on reverse. it comes with jeans.
Price: $20.00
Patriot's Outfit (Back View)
Back view of New England Patriot's jacket showing the official logo
Price: $20.00
18 Inch Soccer Uniform and Cleats
Soccer set with star print top and black shorts and hot pink cleats
Price: $16.00
18 Inch Jogging Outfit
Red and white knit jogging out fit with matching visor and white sneakers
Price: $15.00
18 Inch Red and White Sports Outfit
White tee with red star applique comes with re and white knitted shorts
Price: $8.00
18 Inch Red Sox Outfit
Red and blue jacket with full zipper has"Boston Red Sox"
embroidered on back. Included with it are blue cargo pants and a white t-shirt.
Price: $20.00
18 Inch Red Sox (Back View)
Back view of Red Sox outfit showing embroidery
Price: $20.00
18 Inch Tennis Dress in Red, White and Blue
White tennis dress with red and blue trim comes with matching visor and hair clip
Price: $14.00
18 Inch Tennis Sweater and Shorts
Purple v-neck tennis sweater comes with white shorts
Price: $8.00
18 Inch Fuchsia and Blue Bathing Suit and Hat
Fuchsia bathing suit with blue trim comes with matching knit hat
Price: $15.00
18 Inch Bathing Suit and White Hat
Pink polka dot bathing suit with ruffles top and bottom and a large flower decoration comes with white beach hat
Price: $15.00
18 Inch Tennis Outfit with Racket and Ball
White tennis dress is trimmed with pink and has three buttons. Outfit comes with pink tennis racket and green tennis ball
Price: $18.00
18 Inch Purple Soccer Outfit with Large Ball
White shorts with purple trim and purple shirt with white trim and "USA" on front comes with a large soft soccer ball
Price: $15.00
18 Inch Pink Skating Outfit
Pink skating dress with fur trim at neck, sleeves and bottom has stone applique and matching earmuffs
Price: $16.00
18 Inch Red Velour Skating Outfit with Snowflake Trim
Red velour skating dress with white fur trim on neck,sleeves
and bottom has snowflake decoration and comes with matching earmuffs
Price: $16.00
18 Inch Cheerleader Costume
Red and white sleeveless cotton cheerleading costume has pleated skirt and ribbon trim and comes with ribbon pom-poms.
Price: $14.00

18 Inch Patriotic Shorts and Top
White t-shirt with heart-shaped flag detail is paired with star print shorts
Price: $8.00
18 Inch Red, White and Blue Bathing Suit and Hat
Red, white, and blue one-piece bathing suit comes with matching hat with visor
Price: $14.00
18 Inch Bikini
Blue, red and yellow two piece bikini comes with blue towel and round life preserver
Price: $14.00
18 Inch Red Skating Outfit
Red velour skating dress, trimmed with white fur, a green bow at the waist and snowflake applique comes with matching ear muffs
Price: $16.00
18 Inch Skating Outfit
Lavender velour skating dress trimmed with white fur and a snowflake applique, comes with matching earmuffs
Price: $16.00
Green Soccer Uniform
Green v-neck shirt trimmed with white has soccer ball applique on front comes with green shorts, black soccer socks and soccer ball
Price: $15.00
18 Inch Football Outfit
White tee with football applique and bright pink shorts
Price: $8.00
18 Inch Green Cheerleader
Green and white cheerleader outfit with pleated skirt comes with pompoms and a green hair clip
Price: $16.00
18 Inch Blue Cheerleader
Blue and white cheerleader outfit with pleated skirt comes with pompoms and a hair clip with butterfly
Price: $16.00
18 Inch Purple Gymnastics Outfit
Long sleeve purple velour leotard with decorative stitching on front
Price: $12.00
18 Inch Cheerleader Outfit
Pink costume with pleated skirt and "Cheer" on bodice comes with pink and white pom-poms and hair clip with soccer ball print ribbon
Price: $15.00
18 Inch tennis Dress
Pink knit dress has pleats and a darker pink collar
Price: $15.00
18 Inch Golf Outfit
Pastel print short skirt with pockets comes with a white polo top trimmed with pastel print and matching visor
Price: $15.00

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