Nancy's Doll Creations - Where the love is sewn right in!
18 Inch Pale Pink Velour Robe
Pale pink velour robe with roll collar and matching belt
Price: $10.00
18 Inch Pink Bathrobe
Pink print terry cloth bathrobe with full length zipper and matching slippers
Price: $14.00
18 Inch Ecru Silk Pajamas
Ecru tank and matching pants with lace trim
Price: $8.00
18 Inch Blue Pajamas
Blue tank with heart applique comes with blue print flannel pants
Price: $10.00
18 Inch Purple Robe
Long purple velour robe with roll collar ties in front
Price: $12.00
18 Inch 3 - Piece Pajamas
Cream silk tank top and bottoms trimmed with lace come with a matching short robe
Price: $14.00
18 Inch REd and Black Pajama Set
Black tank comes with red satin pants
Price: $10.00
18 Inch Balloon Pants and Blue Tank
Balloon print cotton pants come with a blue tank with heart applique
Price: $10.00
18 Inch Pale Blue Plaid Pajamas
Pale blue plaid pajamas fasten with velcro
Price: $12.00
18 Inch Zebra Print Robe and Slippers
Zebra print terry cloth robe and slippers come with a pink belt
Price: $15.00
18 Inch Pink Pajamas
Pink butterfly print pajamas in a cotton flannel
Price: $10.00
18 Inch Lavender Pajamas
Lavender satin pajamas in an Oriental style
Price: $12.00
18 Inch REd Heart Pajamas
White top with red top stitching and red applique heart come with heart print cotton pants trimmed with lace
Price: $10.00
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